Review: Toshiba Tecra 700CT

Toshiba Tecra 700CTThere is an excellent review of the Toshiba Tecra 700CT over at by Charles P. Jefferies. The 700CT is an incredibly portable system, weighing in at around seven pounds, with an 11.3-inch high-resolution (800×600) TFT display.

It’s one of the first ultraportables to use Intel’s new 120MHz Pentium processor.

Quoting Jefferies: The Tecra 700CT features an 11.3-inch standard-aspect display with an 800×600 (SVGA) resolution. It is powered by a C&T CT65548 video controller with 1MB of video RAM. In my opinion, the LCD display is a welcome improvement over the traditional CRT. LCDs are expensive and that does partly explain the relatively high cost of the 700CT….

As I stated previously, the Toshiba Tecra 700CT is the first portable machine to use the new Intel Pentium processor. The model in my machine runs at 120MHz and using Windows 3.11, the 700CT is responsive and appears to have plenty of power to do my bidding.

Full review of the Toshiba Tecra 700CT

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