Intel Announces Two Ultra Low Voltage Versions of Core 2 Duo CPUs

Although it hasn’t made its way to Intel’s Press Release section of their website, TG Daily is claiming that they’ve quietly launched two Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) of their mobile Core 2 Duo platform (Merom)

Intel U7500: 1.06GHz
Intel U7600: 1.20GHz
Frontside Bus: 533MHz
Cache: 2MB L2 Cache
Thermal Design Power (TDP): 10 watts
Replaces: Core Duo U2500

TG Daily says they are part of the currently shipping “NAPA refresh”, but will be included with the Santa Rosa platform. The Santa Rosa platform has a slightly different pinout.

They mention that Gateway is going to be one of the first, shipping them in their E-100M notebooks sometime next month.

Source: TG Daily

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