Review: Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 (PC Magazine)

Fujitsu LifeBook P7230PC Magazine has a review of the Fujitsu Lifebook P7230 up that they published last week.

The LifeBook P7230 is another of Fujitsu’s smaller notebooks, with a 10.6-inch widescreen display, and running on an Intel Core Solo U1400 (which they didn’t care for) and weighing in at just under three pounds. They gave it three and a half out of five, mentioning that it’s one of only three ultraportables in that weight range that has an internal optical drive and the only one with an optical drive that’s modular (it can be swapped out with an extra battery). In this instance, they think that Fujitsu making it as small as they did caused some problems: “the trouble with miniaturization is that you can end up sacrificing critical elements. The P7230, which has an undersized keyboard and runs slowly, is no exception.”

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