More Details on Gateway E155C

Gateway E155CThe Gateway E155C “Thin & Light Convertible” has been mentioned by PC Magazine with a few more details released. It’s Gateways smallest “convertible” (Tablet PC functionality with a physical keyboard) with a 12.1-inch widescreen touchscreen display and it does include the ability to have an internal optical drive. They mention that it includes an ambient light sensor to adjust the display based on the surrounding environment.

PC Magazine confirmed that the E155C uses an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) U7500 CPU. The U7500 is slower in some areas when compared to other Core 2 Duo-based CPUs, however it helps save weight and battery life with cooling and power usage, something that is preferable when discussing laptops of this size. The U7500 is a 65nm CPU, with 2MB L2 cache, a 533MHz Front-side Bus, and a speed of 1.06GHz. IT’s TDP (Thermal Design Power) is 10W (by comparison, a 2.16GHz T7400 has a TDP of 34W).

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