Review: Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 (LAPTOP Magazine)

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220Low and behold, the reviews have started coming out about the Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 – a “convertible” Tablet PC, powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo and their latest platform, Santa Rosa. The T4220 is the sequel to the sequel to the Fujitsu LifeBook T4215, with the major change being the above change in platforms. We mentioned that it was probably going to be similar based on FCC applications that came out this week, and what Fujitsu has done in the past – looks like that’s the case with the T4220.

LAPTOP Magazine has one of the first reviews of the T4220, mentioning that the new graphics chipset, the Intel GMA X3100, supports Microsoft Windows Vista’s Aero interface.

They were surprised about the battery life:

The LifeBook T4220 conked out after two hours and five minutes on our DVD drain test, which means you should expect about three hours of runtime. This showing was a bit surprising, especially given that Intel’s new Dynamic FSB Switching technology is supposed to reduce power consumption and improve battery life by decreasing bus speeds and processor voltage when not needed (such as when playing DVD movies or listening to music).