Announced: Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPC

Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPCFujitsu Limited announced the Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPC yesterday. This is Fujitsu’s first UMPC. It’s a device that blurs the line between UMPC and ultraportable laptop (and possibly PDA based on it’s size) – it’s a convertible, converting between a Tablet-based device, and a laptop form factor (with a physical keyboard). It has a widescreen 5.6-inch (1024×600 resolution) touchscreen display, that does use LED-backlighting. It’s powered by Intel’s A110 CPU (800MHz) with 512K L2 cache, and either 512MB or 1GB of memory (cannot be upgraded later – whatever is selected when it’s order, that is what you hae). It runs on both Microsoft Windows XP Professional, or Windows Vista (Business or Enterprise), and with the normal battery it clocks in with a life of four hours (Windows XP) or 3.5 hours (Vista). The running time is double when the extended battery is used. This is based on numbers provided by Fujitsu (no explanation about difference between XP or Vista).


The Fujitsu UMPC combines Fujitsu’s systems expertise with Intel’s low power processor and chipset,” said Anand Chandrasekher, Senior VP Intel Corp and GM Ultra Mobility Group. “The emerging UMPC category delivers the functionality of the PC and full Internet to users who are constantly on the go in ultra light and small form factors.”

Dimensions: 6.7 inches (171mm) x 5.2 inches (133mm) by 1-1.3 inches (26.5 – 32mm) (depending on battery)
Weight: 1.3 lbs (580g)

Official Press Release –
“Hands On” at PC World

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