UMPCs and 2GB of Memory

Gigabyte U60jkOnTheRun has put together an article discussing 2GB Memory upgrades to UMPCs: What works, what doesn’t work.

He mentioned that the Origami Project has an active discussion going on about 2GB SODIMMs being tried out in UMPCs (most are single-slot), as well his original experiences in upgrading the Samsung Q1P.

It’s proven to be a bust with the first generation UMPCs, most of which don’t support SODIMMS bigger than 1GB, due to chipset limitations.

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One Response to UMPCs and 2GB of Memory

  1. Hi, I wrote the article you’re referencing; wanted to clarify something. You mentioned that ‘it’s proven to be a bust with the first generation UMPCs’ but I don’t think that’s accurate and I’d hate for people to think it was. The 2 GB upgrade works on first generation UMPCs that are Intel powered. It will not work with first gen VIA powered units. There are many happy first gen UMPC owners now running with 2 GB of memory.

    Hope that clarifies; thanks!