Review: Sony VAIO TX850P (

Sony VAIO TX850PNotebookReview has published a review of the Sony VAIO TX850p, one of Sony’s Carbon Fiber-clad ultraportables with an 11.1-inch widescreen display.

The VAIO TX850p is an older laptop – dating back to the middle of 2006, but it’s still a capable laptop as the review points out. It’s powered by an Intel Core Solo CPU, running at 1.2GHz, and has a maximum of 1.5GB of memory. It’s one of Sony’s laptops that has the “InstantON” feature, whereby you don’t have to boot up Windows in order to play DVDs or CDs – it can be done automatically with any need for booting up.

It’s a good review of the TX850P, since it’s a “real world” type of review, and they highly recommend it “for the travelling user” who needs light weight (less than three pounds) and long battery life. – Full Review

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