Announced: Fujitsu LifeBook FMV P8240 (P1600/P1610D Replacement?)

Fujitsu LifeBook P8240Could it be that Fujitsu’s lineup of 8.9-inch widescreen “convertible” laptops has received an update? The last release was the LifeBook P1610/P1600 in last year.

Along with the other laptops announced this week (Fujitsu LifeBook T8140, Fujitsu LifeBook T8240), Fujitsu announced the Fujitsu LifeBook FMV P8240. No, it doesn’t have Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset. The starting price is still about the same (approximately $1600 USD depending on exchange rates), and it is still powered by a 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo U1400, with a maximum of 1GB of memory.

Unfortunately there’s not much information out on the Fujitsu Japan site, but it does look like the only difference is that it offers 16GB and 32GB Solid State Drives (SSD) as an option, and the battery life looks to be increased out to around 9 hours with the extended battery, running Windows xP (Vista Business is offered as well).

There are three models listed:
FMVNP5STT : Windows XP Tablet PC, Celeron M 443, 256MB Memory
FMVNP5WTT : Windows XP Tablet PC, Core Solo U1400, 512MB Memory
FMVNP5WT4 : Windows Vista Business, Core Solo U1400, 1GB Memory

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Thanks to tlok for passing this on.

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