HP Compaq 2710p Tablet Receives FCC Approval

HP Compaq 2710pHP Compaq’s 2710p Tablet has received final FCC approval (and you can view more information about the 2710p at the FCC link at the bottom of this article). This clears the way for the 2710p to start shipping at some point in the near future.

The HP Compaq 2710p is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage CPU, running on Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset (the Mobile Intel GM965 Express). It was a widescreen 12.1-inch touchscreen display, can utilize up to 4GB of memory, has 802.11n, and weighs in at around 3.6 pounds.

FCC approval/information in all its glory (FCC.gov)
– Original story at PCJoint.com
– Source: Engadget

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