Added: GETAC V100

GETAC V100 We’ve added the GETAC V100 Rugged, Convertible (converts between a Tablet PC and a normal Laptop form factor) laptop to our little database. Details first started leaking out back in May of this year. No word on price/availability – it looks like you have to contact them directly through their site.

It’s a very rugged little machine, with either a 10.4-inch display or a 12.1-inch display (the 12.1-inch is widescreen 1280×800) and is powered by an Intel Core Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) U2500 (1.2GHz, 2MB L2 Cache) CPU, with up to 2GB of memory, and a weight of around five pounds. It still uses Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Some of the more interesting features:
– Complies with MIL-STD 810F standards and is sealed to IP54 standards (i.e. spilled water won’t bring it down)
– Fan-less (quiet, low power) design
– Easily removable hard drive that’s shock-mounted
– Comes in two display sizes
– Waterproof 1.3MP Reversible Camera
– Optional integrated GPS
– Sunlight Readable Display Solution

It came to our attention via, which has a story about it being on display at the Law Enforcement Expo 2007 through today (July 12, 2007).

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