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Dell XPS M1330A new review of the four pound Dell XPS M1330 with 13.3-inch display has been posted at

The review machine is a pre-production build of the XPS M1330, with a 2GHZ T7300 Intel Core 2 Duo (the laptop is based on Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset), along with 2GB of memory and a 160GB SATA Hard Drive. Similar to a previous review/first-look, they compared it size and style wise with the Dell XPS M1210.

Excerpt about the work on the design that Dell put into this:

The hinge on the M1330 is quite unique, it’s very rounded in its look and rotates to bring the screen about even with the keyboard for a slightly lower overall profile. The LED backlit screen is super thin, which keeps weight down and again contributes to the looks. An integrated web camera sits at the top of the screen, it’s well hidden but noticeable.

Overall we have to say that the M1330 is one of the best looking notebooks on the market today.

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