Announced: ASUS U3

ASUS U3 Information and pictures about the ASUS U3 came out this past friday, posted on It’s expected to launch in September of this year, and it’s specifications are very similar to the 11″ ASUS U1F / U1 series as well as the 13.3″ Dell XPS M1330. It’ll probably be powered by one of Intel’s Core 2 Duo L7xxx series (Low Voltage/Ultra Low Voltage).

Like the M1330, the ASUS U3 will probably weigh around four pounds, and possibly less – from the photos, it doesn’t appear to have an internal optical drive, and it does have an LED-backlit display like the ASUS U1 series, which helps keep it thin and lightweight while helping with battery life. As well, it has a dedicated graphics chipset – NVIDIA 8400m (probably the same as in the M1330) and it can be switched on or off using a hardware switch.

One thing that really sets it apart from other laptops in the 12.1″ and 13.3″ range is that it has an internal GPS unit (with the ability to hook up an external antenna if needed).

Some of the other features:
– “Piano Black” finish with leather palmrests (similar to the ASUS U1F)
– eSata Port (External Serial ATA – SATA)
– HDMI Port
– Hardware switch for Wi-Fi and for power savings (performance vs battery life)