Article: Six months on, Vista users still griping (AP)

The Associated Press is running an article, Six months on, Vista users still griping (MSNBC), where they talk to Microsoft Windows Vista users who are having to use workarounds to get things working (various peripherals, etc.), or who are going back to Microsoft Windows XP.

One of them happens to be Chris Pirillo:

Chris Pirillo leaned away from his webcam and pointed to his printer/scanner/fax machine, which stopped scanning and faxing after he installed Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows Vista operating system.

“I can’t live in Vista if the software that I use in my life for productivity does not work,” said Pirillo, in the third minute of a 52-minute video he posted on YouTube.

Chris happens to run New Tech News Blog Network (Lockergnome), and he posted a now-infamous video on YouTube about why he was “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

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