Review: ThinkPad X61 Tablet (Student Tablet PC)

Lenovo ThinkPadTracy over at The Student Tablet PC has posted another review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet.

The ThinkPad X61 Tablet is Lenovo’s Santa Rosa-based 12.1″ (non-widescreen) tablet offering in the ultraportable “convertible” class (you can convert the ThinkPad between a traditional laptop format and a Tablet PC format).

Tracy is reviewing the MultiTouch/MultiView screen (has both an active and passive digitizer – two methods for inputing data through touch-based means). The active uses a special digitizer pen, the passive uses anything (fingertip, etc.). As such, Tracy talks about something that not many reviewers bring up (and thatmay answer many people’s questions on what display to buy):

When the digitizer pen is away from the screen, you can use your finger or stylus to navigate, but as soon as you put the digitizer pen near the screen, the passive touch turns off and you have no worries of your palm interfering with your writing.

Many have said the touch feature is nice, but unnecessary, but I’d say it adds about 20%-30% to my tablet pen/touch experience. In other words, I can do 20% more things with the touch feature that I couldn’t do with the pen alone. This includes things like:

* Scrolling with my free hand while holding the pen in the other
* Changing to the next song without searching for the pen
* Changing to the next song while driving
* Surfing the web
* Opening a program for someone while they’re holding my pen (think demos)
* Quick interaction with the screen while typing

To say that Tracy is pleased with the ThinkPad X61 Tablet would be an understatement.

Read the whole review here

Thanks to Tim and Eric for emailing this review this morning. By the way, speaking of ThinkPads and education, Lenovo is currently running a “back to school” special with a fairly substantial savings.

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