Dell’s Update on Dell XPS M1330 Ship Dates

Dell XPS M1330 Over on the Official Dell blog, Direct2Dell, Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager for Dell, commented yesterday on the shipping dates of the Dell XPS M1330. It looks like the LED-backlit displays will add some time of the estimated ship date of around four weeks. That’s to expected considering that several laptop makers have just rolled out or will be soon rolling out laptops with displays that incorporate LED backlighting.

Quoting Lionel Menchaca:

there are lots of customers….. who are asking me for updates on the status of the XPS M1330 notebook. I can confirm that we have started shipping systems. However, the process to ramp production has taken a bit longer than we expected. The reality is that due to the unique nature of some features of the notebook, we’ve had to work through some additional manufacturing processes.

The important point is that we are now building orders to ship to customers worldwide, and we will keep working to ship these notebooks as quickly as we can. I’ll provide another update by mid-next week to give you a better idea for where we are in working through the backlog.

At this point, estimated ship dates for new orders is about four weeks. Like I mentioned in my previous post, some specific components like the thinner WLED display will add time to those estimated ship dates.