Toshiba Battery Recall (July 2007)

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A small number of you who have Toshiba laptops with batteries that were manufactured around December 2005 and installed between January and April 2006, might want to keep an eye on the Toshiba website over the next few days. Toshiba is recalling a small number, 5,100, of Sony-made batteries. They could potentially overheat and burn a user and/or damage the laptop. There were ten models, with five of them being in Japan.

Over the next few days, Toshiba will post a utility on its website that will check your laptop and report back to you whether it’s affected by the recall. If you don’t want to install/download the utility, they will also post a page with information about identifying the batteries/laptops through serial numbers. After that, you fill out a form on their website, and they will contact you to exchange the battery.

Quote (PC World):

About 5,100 Sony Corp.-made lithium-ion batteries are defective, spanning 10 models of Toshiba computers, some of which are essentially the same model but carry a different name in different regions, said Manuel Linnig, Toshiba spokesman in Germany.

The latest recall involves a different type of battery than in September 2006 when more than 8 million rechargeable lithium-ion batteries made by Sony were recalled.

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