Videos of HP Compaq 2710p

HP Compaq 2710p More interesting information about HP Compaq’s latest Tablet PC/convertible, the HP Compaq 2710p.

Brightcove has posted a video of the HP Compaq 2710p being demonstrated. The video was put together by, and covers the 2710p at the HP Mobility Summit 2007 in Shanghai, China, and it’s a demonstration by Jim Hagen(spelling?), an HP Product Manager.

One thing that was interesting (besides how small it is), is that the integrated webcam has a business card reader built-in, that will import business cards you hold up to it, into the contact application of your choosing. It keeps both an optical image of the card, as well as a converted version of the text (using Optical Character Recognition – OCR).

It also has “chemically strengthened glass” which is “much more resistant to scratches and breaking”. The video showed the “ultraslim battery” and how it connects on the bottom, as well as the HP 2710p expansion base/docking station (with 7mm optical drive). It was interesting to see the battery snapped into the ultraslim battery and then stacked with the expansion base. The HP product manager said the battery life was around 5-5.5 hours, and 10 or more with the ultraslim battery. The video runs almost six minutes.

There is also another video (more of an advertising/presentation video) hosted at the HP Mobility website. It gives you a good idea of the swivel action and just how thin the LED-backlit display really is.

Source: GottaBeMobile