Review: Averatec 1579 (CNET)

Averatec 1500 1579 CNET has published a review of one of Averatec’s 11.1-inch 1500 laptop line (so far the only laptop in the line), the Averatec 1579, giving it a 7.2 out of 10.

The Averatec 1579 has an 11.1″ widescreen (1366×768 WXGA) display, and while it’s a bit heavier (3.4 pounds or so) than other 11.1″ ultraportables, it’s a lot cheaper (It can be had for around $1300 or so, depending on store), and it has an internal Dual-Layer DVD Writer. You are limited on memory (1GB maximum), and hard drive space (120GB), but that’s part of what helps keep Averatec’s costs down.

It is powered by an Intel Core Duo 1.06GHz CPU (the Ultra Low Voltage – ULV – U2400) which is not the best performance wise, but contributes to everything else (longer battery life, smaller size due to lowered cooling requirements).

Excerpt from the review:

The $1,299 system lacks frills such as media control buttons or a Webcam (yet manages to cram a DVD burner into its tiny chassis), and the performance from its low-voltage Core Duo CPU disappoints, but its good looks, solid construction, and great battery life make this a laptop we’d happily take on the road.

Full review at CNET