Toshiba Ships UWB Wireless Port Replicator for Portege R400

Toshiba Portege R400 Toshiba has announced that they are shipping the world’s first UWB Wireless Port Replicator. It’s going to be for the Toshiba Portege R400, an ultraportable “convertible” (can switch between a laptop or Tablet PC form factor) laptop.

Right now it’s limited to three models:
R400-S4834 : $499.99 option
R400-S4835 : $499.99 option
R400-S4933 : At $3699, this model comes with the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator (as well as a USB DVD writer and a second 6-cell battery)

Basically, this is a full-blown port replicator, just wireless. That includes video as well (the external display would be connected to the port replicator, and the R400 would send the video signal through the wireless dock to the display). UWB – Ultra Wideband, does have its limits – it maybe fast enough to push video to the wireless port replicator, however you have to have the laptop within three feet of the port replicator, according to Yahoo News. Still, that’s a small price to pay for having something that convenient.

In addition to video, the wireless port replicator has:
– 4x USB 2.0
– Audio out
– Ethernet
– Kensington Security slot.

If you are looking to try out a UWB wireless, with only USB peripherals attached (printers, scanners, mice, etc.), you can check out the D-Link DUB 9240 for $120, which works up to 30 feet away and allows you to connect four USB devices to the wireless hub. You plug in a USB adapter to your laptop, which then makes a wireless connection to the DUB 9240. It doesn’t do video or ethernet or audio, but it also works on just about any current laptop with USB 2.0.

Toshiba Direct
– Full Press Release :
Yahoo News Story
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