AMD Mobile Roadmap 2007 – 2008

AMD TG Daily has quite a bit of news about AMD’s next generation CPUs, including their mobile-oriented CPUs. AMD’s Chief Technology Officer outlined AMD’s plans to catch Intel sometime in 2009. One thing that might interest some who would like a bit more of a graphics punch when it comes to their laptops, is that AMD is going to have DirectX 10 support in some of their integrated chipsets.

Excerpt from the article:

Mobile and ultra-mobile

This segment is targeted by AMD with processors that will consume between 1 and 10 watts of power in the ultra-mobile segment as well as slightly more for notebooks. We already knew that 2007 will see a refresh of the Kite platform, which consists of Turion X2 processors with virtualization support, the M960 (SB600) chipset and ATI Radeon X1200 series graphics (or dedicated graphics processors) such as the Mobility Radeon HD. In 2008, AMD will release the Puma platform with the Griffin dual-core CPU, in combination with the RS780M chipset and the SB700 southbridge, which will support DX10 in integrated graphics. There will also be a new 55 nm discrete mobile GPU, codenamed M8X.

AMD is also going to produce what is being called the “Bobcat” CPU, which will compete against Intel’s “Silverthorne” CPU and will be geared towards ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs), but very little detail was given today about these CPUs. They also mentioned a mobile quad-core processor, but it’s doubtful that will find its way into ultraportable laptops (although dual-core CPUs would have raised many an eyebrow just a few years ago).

Full article at TG Daily

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