Dell XPS M1330 – Shipping Update, Japan and Retail

Dell XPS M1330 A couple of tidbits about the Dell XPS M1330, Dell’s semi-ultraportable 13.3″ Intel Core 2 Duo laptop, came out yesterday and the day before. Both were posted by Lionel Menchaca, who is Dell’s Digital Media Manager.

The first is that he is working on getting an update on the status of the XPS M1330, and needs “a bit more time to finalize the details”. I’m curious to know if it’s related to the delay of Toshiba’s Dynabook SS Rx1, even though the Dynabook has a different screen (Akihabara News reported that they didn’t know what the issue was, but that it could affect the Panasonic R6 Jet Black edition as well, which has a different size LCD display than the Dynabook). All we know is that it might be related to M1330s equipped with LED-backlit displays – it could be a simple supply problem.

Global Retail Strategy Continues to Evolve:
Lionel also posted this information/ announcement in regards to Dell consumer laptops and desktops being sold through retail channels in Japan:

Today we’re announcing we will be selling consumer desktops and notebooks through Bic Camera in Japan beginning in early August. In Bic Camera stores, customers will be able to buy our Inspiron 530 desktops, our Inspiron 1520 notebook, our Inspiron 6400 notebook and soon our XPS M1330 notebook.

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