Another Update about Dell XPS M1330

Dell XPS M1330 Another day, another update about the Dell XPS M1330 and it’s shipping delays. The good news is, large-scale production and shipping to all regions should begin this week. The bad news, as was previously stated, is that selecting the LED backlight option (which is probably a big reason why the M1330 is in demand, as it lowers the weight/size and increases the battery life) is still going to delay things for you, if you are looking for this lightweight laptop.

This time the news comes from Alex Gruzen, who is the Senior Vice President of Dell’s Consumer Product Group.

Excerpt from Mr. Gruzen’s comments on the blog

I know that many of you have been waiting for an update on the status of the XPS M1330 notebook, and I wanted to take a few minutes to share where we are. While we have begun shipping on a limited basis, we expect to begin large-scale production and to ship systems in all regions beginning this week.

For existing orders, our teams are doing everything they can to meet the estimated ship dates you were quoted at the time your order was placed. We will contact customers on a case by case basis if their particular orders will experience further delay.

Moving forward, Lionel will use the blog to provide updates on several things related to the XPS M1330. He’ll continue to work with members of my team to understand the latest developments and will share them here.

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