Gigabyte W251 G5 Launched

Gigabyte W251U AVING USA has news of Gigabyte’s latest model in their Gigabyte W251 series, the Gigabyte W251 G5. The W251 G5 is geared towards the Korean market, and won the ‘2006 G-Mark Award’.

The W251 is a 12.1″ widescreen laptop, with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 (1.73GHz) with a battery life of somewhere around four hours. It does contain an internal optical drive (dual-layer DVD writer), a 1.3MP webcam built into the display, and a dual-array microphone. It’s still based on Intel’s 945GM Mobile chipset.

It weighs in at just under 4.2 pounds (around 1.85kg) and retails for around 900,000 – 940,000 KRW (around $1025 USD depending on exchange rates). No word on whether or not this will be sold outside of Asia.

Full article at (with photos)

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