Review: Averatec 1579 (LAPTOP Magazine)

Averatec 1500 1579 LAPTOP Magazine has published their review of the Averatec 1579.

The Averatec 1579 is Averatec’s first dip into the waters of the 11.1″ widescreen market, and they are doing it at a price point that Sony and others aren’t matching – typically under $1300 – $1400. That will get you an ultraportable that weighs in under 3.5 pounds, and is powered by an Intel Core Duo U2400 Ultra Low Voltage CPU, while still retaining an optical drive (a DVD writer no less).

Averatec has always targeted their laptops towards those on a budget, and it shows, with LAPTOP Magazine saying “no system under four pounds offers better bang for your buck“.

Full review at LAPTOP Magazine

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