Dell XPS M1330, Delays, Timbuk2 Messenger Bags, Dell’s Blog

Dell XPS M1330 Erica Ogg has written an article for CNET, Dell customers rant over notebook shipment delay, about the delays Dell has faced with the Dell XPS M1330, and the two-way communication that has been taking place on Dell’s blog,

Some Dell customers have mentioned on the Direct2Dell blog that they are being offered free Timbuk2 messenger bags in some areas to make up for their time and trouble.

Erica commented on the communication between Dell and their customers on the Direct2Dell blog:

On Wednesday, the blog’s manager, Lionel Menchaca, said he was looking into the issue. More than 100 people piled on in the comments section, complaining of poor customer service and miscommunication during the ordering process. On Sunday, Alex Gurzen, senior vice president of consumer products, got involved, posting an apology and (sort of) explaining the reason for the delay in shipments. Since then, commenters have continued airing their grievances openly.

True to form for most anonymous Internet bulletin boards, Dell forum users are not mincing words: many have called out customer service for not being up front about expected delays, while some are threatening to never buy a Dell computer again. But what appeared to incense buyers even more was Gurzen’s response.

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