Dell Latitude XT : A Lot More Information

Dell Latitude XT Tablet GottaBeMobile is reporting that a reader has turned up a lot more information about the Dell Latitude XT as far as specifications. In addition to what we already know, they’ve added the following:

Specifications for Dell Latitude XT Tablet:
Note: Our comments are bolded
– Shipping in October (No reason for it not to be Santa Rosa-based)
– 1.2GHz Dual Core Ultra Low Voltage CPU (Probably the Intel Core 2 Duo U7600)
– ATI graphics chipset (very interesting, many stick with Intel on ultraportables)
– 5400rpm hard drive, up to 80GB (Probably 1.8″ size)
– Solid State Drives (flash-based hard drives) will be an option (not surprising, Dell is doing this in their other ultraportables, or will be in the next few months)
– Weighs 3 pounds (probably no internal optical drive)
– Size: 11″ x 8.5″ x 1.5″ (Tablet PC form factor adds to the thickness)
– Multi-mode screen (similar to some Lenovo X61 Tablets)
– Screen made by N-Trig.
– Will share accessories with other D-Series machines (Makes sense, it was rumored that it would be based on the Dell Latitude D430)
– Ships only with Windows Vista Business (No sense in supporting Windows XP Tablet PC versions if this is a brand-new line)

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