Review: HP Compaq 2710p (TabletPCReview)

HP Compaq 2710p Earlier this week, over at, Tiffany Boggs posted a comprehensive review (including lots of photos and a video) of the HP Compaq 2710p, HP’s latest ultraportable Table PC convertible (you can switch between a Tablet PC and laptop form factor).

The HP Compaq 2710p has a 12″ touchscreen display, and is based on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform, powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPU (1.06GHz U7500 or a 1.2GHz U7600). HP kept the weight of this ultraportablet tablet down to under 3 pounds, by using a ULV CPU (cuts down on cooling and power requirements), and by moving the optical drive into an optional expansion base. The 2710p is built a little sturdier than some convertibles in its class, and she commented upon that, saying she was impressed with the sturdy chassis and how there was minimal flex in the entire design.

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