Lenovo to Sell ThinkPads Loaded With Linux

Lenovo Lenovo is set to start offering Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) version 10 on their T-Series ThinkPad laptops. These will be targeted towards business users, although they will be sold to consumers as well. Lenovo and IBM have provided Linux support and certification for several years, but as noted, this will be the first time that Lenovo will be shipping laptops loaded with Linux. ArsTechnica reports that Novell will be provided the software support, while Lenovo provides the hardware support.

This follow’s Dell’s moves to offer Ubuntu Linux on select laptops.

There is no indication on whether they will offer X-Series Thinkpads preloaded with Linux.

ArsTechinica has a good rundown of Lenovo’s decision:

Lenovo says that the decision to offer Linux on its laptops comes as the result of pressure from enterprise customers. “We have seen more customers utilizing and requesting open source notebook solutions in education, government, and the enterprise since our ThinkPad T60p Linux announcement, and today’s announcement expands upon our efforts by offering customers more Linux options,” said Lenovo VP Sam Dusi in a statement.

Full article at ArsTechnica.com

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