Review: HP Compaq 2710p (GottaBeMobile)

HP Compaq 2710p Rob Bushway over at GottaBeMobile has posted his impression of the HP Compaq 2710p, saying:

HP went back to the design board on this one, used the TC1100 as their inspiration, and clearly hit a home run in the design department.

Bottom line: it is best looking Tablet PC I’ve ever seen – period.

This was followed up by a review from forum member Sierra. She reviewed the RM272UT model (Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 1.2GHz, 2GB Memory, 100GB Hard Drive, Bluetooth 2.0). She mentioned that it came with a fully licensed copy of Microsoft’s OneNote 2007, as well as coming with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista (on the first boot, you select which version you want, and it installs from there).

She also commented on the screen, which has gotten a lot of buzz:

As for the screen itself – beautiful. Bright, clear and the most smudge-proof screen I’ve ever used. I’ve never taken a microfiber cloth to it yet and it still looks like new – no fingerprints, no smudges. When it gets dusty, I just lightly wipe off the dust with my hand (!) and it doesn’t even smudge then. Just to test, I firmly planted my thumbprint on the screen. I can see it there. I lightly brush it with my hand and it is gone. No smudge. This will save me hours of cleaning. J

The screen used LED backlights. The backlighting is so even that I can’t tell how it is done. My husband is an optical engineer and he lusts after my LED backlights. J The viewing angle is as good or better than any system I’ve used before, probably 170 degrees or so. I don’t believe anything is really 180 degree viewing angle. This is very easy on the eyes and rarely do I need it at max brightness.

It uses a Wacom Digitizer.

Full review at

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