How Would You Change HP Notebooks?

HP The HP Notebook Team at Hewlett-Packard has started a new website, that is all about soliciting information from you about what you’d like to see in future HP notebooks.

You have to register to participate in the forums, etc., but it should be interesting to see what kind of two-way communication comes about, as well as whether any other manufacturers in the industry follow suit.

Me, I’d like to see 10″ and 11″ laptops (including possibly convertibles) become more mainstream. We have some great CPUs from Intel that have come out in the past few years to power these things, but the cost is still prohibitive (I’m thinking in terms of form factors like Fujitsu’s LifeBook P1610 – a lot of people would buy these things if they were $400-$500 cheaper)

It’s an interesting concept:

As an influencer, you see countless products and technologies roll out every month. HP has seen how insightful and thought–provoking the communities comments have been (especially on reviews of HP products). We have taken your comments to heart and would like to start a conversation about what should or could be done for future generations of HP notebooks.

Any ideas, designs, technologies, thoughts or information you want to share is very welcomed. This is your site. Whatever and however you want to share your thoughts and ideas is up to you. While this site is exclusively for influencers like yourself, we also you encourage you poll or ask your readers to share ideas with you and in turn share them with HP and others on this site.

Source: GottaBeMobile

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