More Details on the ASus Eee PC Release in the US

Asus Eee PC 701 Over at last week, a forum user has posted additional information about the Asus Eee PC, which is due out sometime in September or October. Even though we’ve marked the information with a “Rumors” tag, it seems to match up with what we’ve seen in the past few weeks in articles and postings on other sites.

The Asus Eee PC is a unique device – it has a 7″ widescreen display, based on a 900MHz Intel CPU, and using flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) in 2GB, 4GB and possibly 8GB and 16GB configurations. The operating system is Linux (although apparently Windows can be installed as well).

Some of the information they are confirming:
– In the USA, there will be two Eee PC configurations (three international), both with standard 7″ display, 802.11x wireless and 512MB Memory:
— $269 – $299 – 2GB Hard Drive, 4-cell or 6-cell battery
— $369 – $399 – 4GB Hard Drive, 4-cell or 6-cell battery

They will come in two colors initially – black and white.

Full article with additional links

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