Several Ultramobile PC CPUs Benchmarked

Over at ULTRA MOBILE PC TIPS, several UMPC CPUs were reviewed:

– 1GHz Intel Pentium M (baseline CPU)
– 900MHz Intel Celeron
– 800MHz Intel A110
– 1GHz Via C7-M

Of note, the above CPUs are found in the following machines:
– 800MHz Intel A110: Fujitsu’s U1010
– 1GHz Via C7-M: ASUS T83, Gigabyte U60, and the OQO Model 02.

Of note, all ran slower than the baseline Pentium M, however, in theory, they should have a longer battery life (and considering the size of the devices I mentioned above, you aren’t exactly buying these to be multimedia laptops.

Source: jkOnTheRun

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