Review: CNET’s Laptops for “The Lightweight”

Toshiba Portege R500 CNET has put together a profile of
“The Lightweight” – laptop users who want ultraportable laptops for heavy traveling (or rather, not so heavy). One thing they don’t mention, which would have a huge impact on just what a person looking for a lightweight/ultraportable laptop would consider is price – for instance the ThinkPad X61s is almost half the price of the Sony and Toshiba options (on the flip side, you can get Solid State Drives, etc., that can lower weight and prolong battery life on the Sony and Toshiba options). Of course, the higher price does equal much-less weight – in some cases, depending on what options are installed, you can go below 2.5 pounds.

Laptops mentioned:
Fujitsu LifeBook P7230
Toshiba Portege R500
Sony VAIO TZ150N/B
Lenovo ThinkPad X61s

Some common features:
– Less than 3.5 pounds
– 1″ thick (or thinner)
– 12″ or smaller screen
– Use Ultra Low Voltage CPUs or Low Voltage (ThinkPad X61s)
– All but ThinkPad have internal optical drive

Notable differences:
– R500’s 12.1″ display is LED backlit, weighs 2.4 pounds
– TZ150N’s 11.1″ display is LED backlit, weighs around 2.7 pounds
– P7230 has a 10.6″ display, weighs around 3 pounds (with optical drive)
– ThinkPad X61s has 12.1″ non-widescreen display, weighs around 3.1 pounds
– Only R500 and ThinkPad utilize Intel’s Santa Rosa platform

They point out some of the sacrifices made, while mentioning exactly why many like them:

But Lightweights are willing to make these trade-offs–and even pay a premium–for a laptop they can carry day in and day out for long stretches without shoulder soreness setting in. Frequent flyers also appreciate the ability of an ultraportable to fit on a coach tray-table while leaving room for a ginger ale and a minibag of pretzels.

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