JK, Windows Vista, and Mobile Devices

Over at jkOnTheRun, James Kendrick has posted a good commentary on Microsoft Windows Vista and mobile devices.


OK, never say never so maybe I’ll temper that remark by saying that Vista will not run well on mobile devices in the foreseeable future. Feel better? I don’t, because we were led to believe that Vista was going to optimize our mobile computing experience. It’s open season on Vista in the media but my focus is on the mobile device space and it’s failing miserably here. I have run Vista on more mobile devices than most folks will ever use and it does something every single day that frustrates the hell out of me. Quite frankly the only reason I still run Vista on my mobile devices is because the new Tablet bits are better than the older XP version, but even that is not enough on some days. And those days are occurring with greater frequency.

If you have the option between Vista and Windows XP when buying a new laptop or other mobile device, or you are considering upgrading, you really need to read this article.

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