HP Announces 64GB SSD Options for 2510p and 2710p

HP Compaq 2710p HP has announced that they will make 64GB Solid-State Drives/Disks (SSD – flash-memory based storage) avaialble as options for the HP Compaq 2510p and the HP Compaq 2710p ultraportable laptops (or in the case of the 2710p, a Tablet PC/Laptop).

As we’ve mentioned in the past with other manufacturers, SSDs will help small laptops, especially ultraportable laptops, across the line. In addition to stability/durability (no moving parts to crash if the laptop is dropped or jostled around), the lack of moving parts also helps increase battery life (no moving parts to, well, move). It also helps because it lowers the cooling requirements – laptop hard drives can be a tremendous source of heat, both within the laptop case itself, as well as on the surface, which can make it uncomfortable to use if your palm rest is right over the hard drive (which is true of many laptops).

It can be a lot faster as well, than traditional mechanical rotating drives.

64GB is a good size for HP to be offering – many were offering 32GB, and 32GB is really pushing it these days, as far as usability with some Operating Systems *cough* Vista *cough*. We’ve seen 64GB options with other manufacturers hit $600 in the past, and so NotebookReview.com’s estimate of $500 extra is probably just about right – the price should have dropped with flash memory since other manufacturers started offering SSDs.

Press Release: HP.com
Source: NotebookReview.com

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