Update – January 17, 2008

As of two weeks ago, Small-Laptops.com has basically changed hands. The previous owner and main contributor had a job offer and a family emergency that basically required him to drop everything last fall (basically a 1-2 punch in the span of a week). Over the next week, I’ll explain a lot more about where things are headed, but for now, this is a brief outline:

For now, I will start updating this list as we add more systems in.
Recently Added Laptops

Small-Laptops.com is going to continue to be exactly what it was, a repository of information about small and ultraportable laptops, up through around 13 inches (14 if they can squeeze the weight down to under three and a half pounds).

Where things are headed:
– Upgraded system
– Updated database of all small laptops/ultraportables
– Better defined purpose
– New site layout coming


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