Dell Latitude XT Review (Tablet PC Review)

Dell Latitude XT The first reviews of the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC are starting to come out as they make their way into peoples’ hands ( shows a shipping date of early February through the end, depending on options). The Latitude XT is Dell’s first major entry in the current “convertible” market (Tablet PCs that function as laptops when the screens are rotated around), and was unofficially officially announced in May of 2007. Last month, Dell began publishing a large amount of data, as well information concerning the touchscreen (there are video links at the page above).

The review is at Tablet PC Review, and as Kevin Tofel (jkOnTheRun) points out, it’s the reviewer’s first Tablet PC, and they note they are a heavy notebook user, and they reflect this in their review. As such, we look forward to reading more reviews in the future from heavy-duty Tablet PC users.

Via jkOnTheRun

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