More on Intel’s Silverthorne

Intel Arstechnica has published an in-depth article covering Intel’s Silverthorne processor, due out later this year. This thing is small (25mm) as you can see in the picture below, and clearly geared towards the ultramobile PC market. Silverthorne could easily end up in something like the Asus Eee PC or Fujitsu’s U810. Suprisingly, they managed to fit 512K L2 Cache onto it, and in addition to being multi-threaded, it’s 64-bit. Some of the Silverthorne offerings will have Intel’s Virtualization Technology (VT) (because we all need to be running VMs on our small laptops or UMPCs!)

Intel Silverthorne

This is going to be a huge launch – As the article at Arstechnica points out: When Silverthorne debuts later this year, Intel will offer multiple SKUs at TDP points that range from 0.5W to 2W and speeds that range from 1GHz to 2GHz. The different SKUs will also support the same platform-level technologies as the mainstream desktop parts; in other words, just as is the case with Intel’s desktop and mobile lines, some Silverthorne products will support all of Intel’s remote management and virtualization extensions, while others will have a more stripped-down feature set.