The Future of the Everex CloudBook

Everex Cloudbook LAPTOP Magazine had a chance to talk about the future of the Everex CloudBook with Paul C. Kim, who is the Director of Marketing at Everex.

Kim had quite a lot to say about future versions of the CloudBook. Among the things he revealed:
– The possibility of a Solid State Drive (SSD) in a future version of the CloudBook.
– In the third quarter of 2008, there should be a touch screen version of the CloudBook available (developers should have development versions of the touchscreen CloudBook by the end of April)
– “Feminine” Colors will be available as options for the CloudBook.
– There will be a 9-inch version of the CloudBook, with versions possibly going all the way up to 22″.

It’s a fairly long interview and worth checking out: LAPTOP Magazine

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