February 10th Odds and Ends

A roundup of interesting articles from the past week.

Wired Magazine: Like Apple, Intel Wants to Put the Internet in Your Pocket – Discussion of Intel’s Silverthorne and Intel’s efforts at pushing beyond that, to where we can have a near-desktop like internet experience in a mobile device we can practically carry in our pockets.

CNET Blogs: “Which is sturdier, a MacBook Air or an HP business laptop?” A quick first-look at the MacBook air at how it stacks up against an HP notebook and how sturdy it feels and how it’s handling heat.

Akihabara News: Evergreen’s Mini Trackball for Your Laptop – a very small trackball made for travelers and those desiring a very small device – weighs in at 77 grams/2.7 ounces.

Dell XPS M1330 update BIOS hints at upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive – a new BIOS update for the M1330 mentions “Blu-Ray / DVD +/- RW Combo Drive”.

AppleInsider: Rumor: possible Apple event brewing for late February – Might or might not be somewhere around the 26th. Could it be time for Penryn-based MacBook Pros, etc.?

LifeHacker: Remove Stains from a MacBook with Toothpaste – apparently toothpaste can clean up white MacBooks

jkOnTheRun: HP wants to sell you a Tablet PC – HP has produced a cool little video detailing the advantages of convertible/Tablet PC laptops.

GottaBeMobile: How Cool Is The HP TC1100 Tablet PC? mentions that the TC1100 makes an appearance in the above video showing off the 2710p convertible.

Engadget: Dell further clarifies how and where it’s dropping AMD The Engadget crew spoke with Dell about whether or not Dell was dropping AMD CPUs from their lineup. There was an image that went up on a Dell site indicating that AMD CPUs were not going to be sold anymore (or rather Dell products with said CPUs). Dell’s response: Not sure how/why the image appeared, AMD-based consumer computers will be in stores only except for certain desktops and the Inspiron 1501 notebook. Business-oriented lines (including the Latitude) that have AMD CPUs will still be sold online, and so on. Read the full article for all the details. Kind of an interesting/murky situation if you ask me.


CNET Blogs: Windows Vista SP1 – Benchmarks – Robert Vamosi has put Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) through it’s paces, including Adobe Photoshop CS3, file copying, iTunes encoding, and DVD battery life tests.

As you know, Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturing and some users are already getting their hands on it.

That wraps it up for this week in review.