Dell Offers Wireless USB as XPS M1330 Option

Dell XPS M1330 In addition to adding Intel’s Penryn CPU to the XPS M1330 lineup, Dell has recently began offering the option to add built-in Wireless USB (for $150 USD extra of course). It appears this has been around for at least a month or longer.

The Wireless USB option comes with a Wireless USB hub made by Belkin, and is touted as:

“Get Easy & instant wireless connectivity to hard drives, printers, USB peripherals, media devices, and more.”

Dell XPS M1330

What this means, is that you would have a small USB hub device (similar to a normal wired USB hub you could pick up anywhere) that has a wireless transmitter. You would plug your USB devices into that hub (mouse, printer, etc.), and if you pick up an M1330 with this option, you would be able to access those devices without having to physically plug them (or the hub) into the M1330. It would work like the wireless port replicator for the Toshiba R400

If you are interested, you can view it at the XPS M1330 page

Thanks to Carl B. and Engadget