Review: MacBook Air (Anandtech)

Apple MacBook Air Anandtech has “thoroughly reviewed” the new Apple MacBook Air.

Anand makes a good point, that many have failed to realize or acknowledge:

When Apple announced the MacBook Air, it was met with harsh criticism from many; it was almost as if the Air was being treated as the next MacBook Pro instead of an ultra portable Mac.

He goes on to talk about something that others have ignored or not put too much time into, the MacBook Air’s keyboard:

The keyboard is incredible. There’s no searching for keys, no fat fingering any two keys and honestly the only complaint I have is that there are no dedicated page up/page down keys.

Typing on this thing is absolutely perfect, the keys have great tactile feedback and make a pronounced but pleasant sound when pressed. It’s the same keyboard that’s in the MacBook but I’ve never owned a MacBook, so I’m allowed to fawn on this one a little more than normal.

This is one of the better reviews that’s been published, not because it’s positive or anything like that, more that it’s because it looks at the target audience (Mac/OS X users) and what I would call a secondary audience (Windows users). You can read the full review here.