Fujitsu LifeBook B6230 Details, Shipping

Fujitsu LifeBook B6230 The Fujitsu LifeBook B6230 will be shipping next week (two models on the 21st, one on the 22nd). The B6230 is replacing the Fujitsu LifeBook B6220. You can view images of it in the LifeBook B6230 gallery.

Even though we’ve lumped it in with other Tablet PCs, it’s not a “convertible” – it is a full-time laptop that just so happens to have a resistive/passive touchscreen. The display is a 12.1″ XGA (non-widescreen) TFT display, running at 1024×768 (up to 1600×1200 with an external display).

There is an option to have a 32GB Solid State Drive (SSD) in place of the 40GB – 120GB Serial ATA 5400rpm drive.

As far as differences between the B6230 and the B6220, there are only a few major differences:
– Major upgrade of CPU from Intel Core Solo U1500 to an Intel Core 2 Duo Dual-Core U7600 (1.2GHz). This is a huge jump in processing power and should make the B6230 a very respectable (and unique because of its display) ultraportable. The U1500 and U7600 are both Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPUs.
– Up to 4GB of memory instead of 2GB

Differences between the three models:
– FPCM11183 – ($1799) Windows Vista Business w/Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, 1GB Memory, 80GB Hard Drive, One Year Warranty, Ships February 22, 2008
– FPCM11182 – ($1769) Windows XP Professional w/EverNote Plus, 1GB Memory, 40GB Hard Drive, Three Year Warranty, Ships February 21, 2008
– FPCM11181 – ($1599) Windows XP Professional w/EverNote Plus, 512MB Memory, 40GB Hard Drive, One Year Warranty, Ships February 21, 2008

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