Buy an Everex CloudBook From Wal-Mart?

Everex Cloudbook I’m slightly confused. Either the Everex CloudBook is delayed or it’s not delayed or it’s for sale or it’s not for sale.

You can clearly see it on Wal-Mart’s Website, and it’s showing “OUT OF STOCK” (may never have been in stock to begin, may have been just somebody adding the SKU information for an upcoming shipment). Wal-Mart is selling it for $399 with a $98.88 2-year service plan. They’ve got all of the right specifications listed, etc., so it looks like it’s not an accident or based on vague information. No idea if it will show up in the brick & mortar stores or if it will be online only.

Meanwhile, CloudBooker is reporting that ZaReason is not going to carry the CloudBook. You may remember that ZaReason was selling pre-orders of the CloudBook, before “selling out” of them (they never had them in stock apparently).

Turns out they lost money refunding some of those pre-orders, as CloudBooker has this message sent to would-be CloudBook buyers: Due to the amount of money we have lost granting refunds (due to bank transaction fees) we can no longer sell the Cloudbook.

This is a train-wreck of a launch so far. It’s got a little potential, just sounds like there is a lot of confusion amongst its partners. Wal-Mart will straighten that out pretty quick, if history is any indication.