Everex CloudBook: In Stock at Wal-Mart, First Impressions

Everex Cloudbook Earlier today, we mentioned that Wal-Mart had the Everex CloudBook listed on their website. They are now showing the 7″ Asus Eee PC competitor as being in stock and ready to go.

Meredith Farkas has posted her initial impressions after having received her pre-ordered CloudBook. She was impressed by the display and the keyboard, but not so much with the preloaded software. For her, it’s a definite secondary computer/laptop: I bought this computer so that I wouldn’t have to lug around my 15-inch MacBook Pro at conferences. For that, this machine will definitely meet my needs. I can connect to the Web, I can use Open Office, and all on something that is ridiculously light……. If this was someone’s primary computer, it would be a disaster.

Jamfish has also received her CloudBook and has unboxed it and started using it. She seemed to echo some of sentiments that Meredith and others have expressed: I’m enjoying my Cloudbook. Though rough around the edges, I like the portability of the machine, and that I can have an easier handle on it than most laptops(the hole is actually more helpful for holding than people might think!). It has a very clear screen, touchpad is actually a fun convinience, and I’m learning to type faster on this thing by the hour. The gOS(like on any developing Operating Systems), could use some tweaking, but, hasn’t given me too many problems that I can’t handle

All via CloudBooker