Rumblings About a Lenovo ThinkPad X200

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Rob Bushway has heard some rumblings at GottaBeMobile, about a Lenovo ThinkPad X200.

As you can see on our semi-hidden ThinkPad X200 page, we’ve been kind of following this rumor since January. Unfortunately it’s really been guestimates and blurry photos.

Rob has heard that it will have a Tablet PC version and is set to be released sometime towards the end of this year. He also mentions what he thinks will be a given, and I agree for the most part, although I think they won’t have a Wireless USB, but I’ll agree with a 12″ LED-backlit display, SSD options, a smaller version of the X300, etc.

Although I must admit, a widescreen 12″ X series would be slightly weird, but it will definitely be welcome.

Later this year makes sense. They still have the 11.1″ IdeaPad U110 to roll out.

I don’t see an 11″ display being used like some sites have said – there are no current 11″ touchscreen displays (that I’m aware of) and Sony and Asus are pretty much it when it comes to 11-inch displays (although Lenovo will be jumping into the 11-inch non-touchscreens). I don’t see Lenovo wanting to sink the money into a limited 11″ touchscreen production run, because a 12″ widescreen touchscreen X series will sell just fine.

I put more faith in what Rob has heard than what I’ve seen on a lot of other sites.