Small Laptop / UMPC Driver Listings

You may have noticed we slowed down in the past few days. Since we are a huge staff of two people doing this in our spare time, sometimes we have to decide to focus on certain projects at the expense of other things (say posting a lot of news).

One of those has been tracking down drivers for everything we list on our site. While we still have to go back and update all of the individual laptop pages, below is a master list of drivers for small laptops, tablets, UMPCs, etc. We started working on this because we get quite a bit of email asking for help in locating drivers.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers have went under or merged with others or been bought out. Where we can’t find a driver page, we try to point you in the right direction (either contacts or similar models from other manufacturers). Obviously the list, like our list of small form factor laptops, is not complete – we have literally dozens of laptops to add. However, the list does, as we said, match what we do list, so people who show up here looking for drivers for a laptop we list will hopefully find what they are looking for.

Please Note: It’s primarily North American, English versions. We will, when possible, add non-English language pages as we find them or they are emailed to us.

If you would like to contribute more information or pages, you can either contact us directly or through the Forums.

List of Laptop Drivers aka