Announced: Samsung P200

Samsung P200 Another announcement at CeBIT 2008 in Germany – the Samsung P200, a 12.1″ widescreen Intel Penryn-powered ultraportable (1.89kg). It’s available in Europe for 999 Euros (around $1520 USD) and may only be available in Europe, and possibly Asia (although it may make an appearance elsewhere under a different brand).

It’s got some standard features (Intel 965 chipset, ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics chipset) with some protective features: “Protect-o-Edge” casing
and “Protect-o-SoftGrip” rubberised lid.

Then there is this:
Finally, like all new Samsung notebooks, the P200 features an amazing new technological development – Silver Nano Technology. By sprinkling incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard the P200 system will remain completely “bacteria free”.

For those of you in Europe who are worried about bacteria on your notebook keyboards, your ship has arrived.

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