Review: Acer Ferrari 1100 (PC Magazine)

Acer Ferrari 1100 Last week, PC Magazine reviewed the Acer Ferrari 1100. While they gave it 3/5, a “good” rating, the sequel to the Acer Ferrari 1000 series had some shortcomings. Yes, it added an internal drive (at 4.4 pounds it better!), it still had some issues.

As PC Magazine points out, the Ferrari series is considered a luxury/high-end ultraportable – it makes use of carbon-fiber in the design, it’s got some very distinct coloring and branding. It’s one of the few in its class running an AMD CPU (2.3GHz TL-66 Dual-Core), however it was only able to run slightly faster than the Fujitsu P8010 and the Apple MacBook Air (both running Low-Voltage CPUs as opposed to the regular AMD TL-66).

Their biggest complain was the price, saying the Acer Ferrari 1100 would be more attractive if its price ($1,860) wasn’t higher than that of the more aesthetically pleasing Apple MacBook Air ($1,799) or the ASUS U6S ($1,699).

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